Thursday, July 21, 2011

All good things must come to an end!

Hello everyone!
We are officially coming down to our final last day at ICO in Oaxaca! Here's our summary of what we've done this week.
1. We've learned how to cook some authentic Oaxacan dishes in our cooking class. We can't wait to try out the recipes on our families and friends!
2. Marcia toured with En Vio, an organization that helps women to build or better their businesses. She was allowed to visit their homes and see how hard they have to work to make a living.
3. Becky and Niki took a trip to see the countryside and spent a good portion of the day at a natural spring and waterfall on the top of the mountains. Thanks to a great hired driver they enjoyed beautiful scenery and some unknown local villages.
4. We think we all have shown improvement with our Spanish language skills, never mind that Becky and Niki ended up with fish-filled danishes for breakfast instead of the fruit-filled danishes they thought they were getting! Ay Caramba!

Tomorrow is our last day of classes! It will be sad to leave our new friends! It has been a great experience! We are hoping this isn't just a "once in a lifetime experience" and are already dreaming about returning next summer!

Hasta Luego Oaxaca!

~Becky, Marcia, & Niki


  1. Ladies it sounds like you all have had an amazing experience. Enjoy your last two days! Have a safe trip home I look forward to hearing more and seeing pictures.

  2. Fish danishes...LOL!!! I love sushi, but I think I would draw the line with my danish! Safe travels to all of you!