Saturday, July 16, 2011

Boosting the Local Economy!!

Here's a list of today's accomplishments:
1. Two of us were able to barter in Spanish in order to get the best deals on belts, skirts and purses. Who would have thought that Marcia would suddenly become shy?!
2. We found the lavandaria where they laundered and folded our clothes. If only we could have that done in the U.S. for $4.00!
3. We separated and were able to meet up again in downtown Oaxaca with only a minor complication. Good thing Marcia was wearing a brightly colored shirt, and had a nice big red umbrella!! It also helped that Niki and Becky have good eyes. Refer to the first post where we mentioned that taking care of Marcia is a full time job!! Seriously!
4. We successfully toured the shopping mega of Oaxaca, with no tour guide needed!! Lots of purchases. Next purchase: extra suitcase!
5. We found another amazing pizza place!
6. Becky managed to walk in and out of a BIG puddle. We're lucky she stayed standing after that, with the help of a kind gentleman who was passing by!
7. Niki used her filter with Marcia, but her facial expressions told Marcia to STOP talking! We are all impressed with Niki's self-control! (Marcia could walk faster and keep up to Niki and Becky if she stopped talking!)
8. We toured two beautiful cathedrals in Oaxaca, and only one of us was reminded about the "no flash" rule! We'll keep you guessing on that one!!

We look forward to touring three villages tomorrow to see the local artisans. More to come!


~Becky, Marcia & Niki


  1. Sounds like you are having a great time!

  2. Sounds like you have a knack for finding great pizza. Next time you go on a trip I think I need to come along.