Sunday, July 3, 2011

The Trials and Tribulations of Traveling to Oaxaca!

Hi everyone!
We wish we could be telling you about Oaxaca, but we are still in Houston! It's a long story, one we've told to everyone who works for an airline (that we will not name) who has been given the daunting task of trying to get us to Oaxaca! Here's the short version: we left Beaver Dam on Friday morning at 7:30 am, our flight out of Chicago was delayed, we missed our connecting flight out of Houston, we turned down the un-named airline's offers to fly into remote areas of Mexico where we would have to rent cars, take busses, or hitchhike to Oaxaca. Apparently the flights to Oaxaca are limited, overbook, or cancelled, from anywhere and everywhere, and for everyone and anyone. After we pleaded with every agent we could find for two days, no exaggeration, we landed in a hotel for the past two nights! Debb and Marcia made it on to a flight to Oaxaca last night on standby, and we (Becky and Niki) stayed behind! After snagging the hotel for free, we found out that our bags were sent without us to Oaxaca, well we hope that's where they are! Can you imagine either one of us without our makeup and hair products? We did get the go ahead from the airline to go out and buy what we we did!! We desperately needed swimming suits to sit out by our hotel pool today! After 48 hours of being in the same clothes, even the hotel clerk gave us some new t-shirts! We are looking forward to something in a pretty glass and working on our tans today! It's been sooooooo stressful, haha!!
We all definitely took on the challenge of seeing how "nice" we can be to some very over-worked and confused airline employees! We think it's paid off!! Our best option until just lately was to fly out next Wednesday, but somehow the crabbiest agent we dealt with miraculously found room on a flight tonight (Sunday) to Oaxaca at 6 pm. We think he was just tired of us, or our clothes, so he added us to the list. Who knows, we might have a seat on the wing, or be wearing blue uniforms and serving drinks!
So there you have it! We had a great buffet breakfast with diet pepsi of course. The only thing suffering is our budget!
If your summer is slow and you really want to know what we are doing, we will post later!

~Becky and Niki


  1. It's always an adventure with the women of SBD!

  2. Hola! Sounds like you are all learning a lot!